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Save FB Tweet. Clear All. As well as the fruit, fig trees have big bold tropical leaves and matured gnarled and twisted branches that add interest to any garden. Most of them are adapted to a wide range of climates and soil types. There are over 700 varieties of Fig trees. With a number of fig tree varieties including White Genoa and Black Genoa, available for sale to the home gardener, type of fruit, tree size and ripening time all need to be considered when purchasing a fig tree. The Fig Variety Database is now, the world's first, largest, most detailed ficus carica structured resource for Easy Fig Research Most varieties of fig trees thrive in long, hot summers and moderate winters. There are a number of ways to think about different varieties of figs. They can grow very healthy and strong in the ground or in containers, making them the perfect project for all types of gardeners. Texas Everbearing Fig, Abique Noire Fig, Negro Largo Fig, San Piero Fig, Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' Brown Turkey is the ultimate Southern fig producing large crops of medium to large, brown to maroon, turbinate figs over a long season that begins in June. In cooler climates, these trees can be grown indoors in a greenhouse or containers. The first crop of figs begins to ripen in early summer. Caprification is essential for the production of figs of some varieties. Palito An outstanding large white flat fig from Portugal. This very old variety dates back to the 17th century and is regarded as the best flavoured fig in France. Fig Trees for Small Backyards or Container Gardens By Robert Newgarden | July 1, 2011 Figs (Ficus carica) may just be one of the best trees for edible landscapers and urban gardens.They produce an abundance of delicious sweet fruit while thriving amid brick and concrete in containers or small spaces, and provide bold, beautiful foliage in the garden. Mar 10, 2020 - Explore Ana M's board "FIG Varieties" on Pinterest. After you choose the cold-hardy variety you would like to plant, the next important factor is site selection. Popular varieties include Brown Turkey, an early ripening fig that does well in drier areas and Black Genoa, a prolific fruiting tree. They can also grow as a potted plant because as a general rule they are an easy plant to grow. Fig Trees are among the easiest fruit trees to grow. Not All of Them Are Trees. Fig is considered to be one the oldest fruit trees in the Mediterranean zone. These varieties do not need a pollinator for the fruit to ripen. In Latin myth the fig was held sacred to Bacchus and employed in religious ceremonies; the fig tree that overshadowed the twin founders of Rome in the wolf’s cave was an emblem of the future prosperity of the race. Chicago – Chicago is the most reliable fig for zone 5 planting, as it will produce plenty of fruit during the growing season even if it freezes to the ground in the winter. Excessive rain and moisture during the development and ripening of the fruit may cause the fig to split. Figs are some of the oldest cultivated fruits. There are hundreds of different fig varieties, but the most common types of figs include black mission figs, brown turkey, sierra figs, calimyrna figs, and kadota figs, among others. Fig trees (Ficus carica L) originally were found in Western Africa and later were distributed throughout the Mediterranean. A famous fig breeder and researcher named Ira Condit mentioned that Syria and Anatolia are the natural habitats of the fig tree and from there it was transferred to North Africa, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru and California (Mueot laal ., 1960). View All Start Slideshow. Brown Turkey Fig, a.k.a. Every garden should have a fig tree. In addition to trees, figs can grow on shrubs, vines, and even epiphytes. Figs thrive in dry, warm climates. Varieties. Many of the trees still growing there are considered "Heirloom" varieties because they have been kept pure by the growers. Caprification. Other Names: Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig, Ficus Tree. Figs come in hundreds of different varieties and an interesting array of names – from the Rattlesnake Island Fig to the Violette de Beaurdoux – but only a few of those are grown and sold on a commercial scale. There are a lot of varieties for fig trees and that means there are many flavors. Great varieties that grow in California are the mission, turkey, genoa, and our unique persian fig tree. Pliny the Elder enumerated many varieties and described those of home growth as furnishing a large portion of the food of slaves. The Common Fig varieties develop figs parthenocarpically (without pollination). We offer fig trees adapted to the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the country. All fig varieties are self-fruitful, like sun, and can be grown as a tree, shrub or container plant. There are plenty of fig trees to choose from as the attractive Panachee, the Califfo Blue or even the delicious Brown Turkey Fig Tree. See more ideas about fig, fig varieties, fig tree.

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