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The green dye is an aniline dye which can be obtained in powders or is available premixed with wood alcohol. You need to see it move through it's paces - especially under your lighting conditions. Oak and broad thanks! I had the same dilemma in a new construction house I was doing the design for. Water based finishes will offer a clear finish without discolouration. When I saw this, I knew there was hope. Too dark shows everything & I'm too OCD for that. You will be hugely surprised once the finish is applied over the stain - completely different look. These floors are darker than you want - but I was surprised how much the red was taken out of the floors by adding in the Natural stain. Jan, just to clarify that I am the person with the brick and I am definitely planning to go darker and browner. They are beautiful. Which looks best, white or red oak? Dip a white china brush into the golden oak gel stain and paint it onto the surface of the wood, following the grain. Rebecca, please start your own post w/pictures and we'll be happy to help. I actually have some green aniline dye kicking around that i used in some intarsien projects.I'll dilute it down and give it a shot. Be careful with the stain choice. I wanted them to be light but felt it was more important to block out/tone down the red. Did the paint or flooring store mix the stain or did the flooring people do it? After 4 samples of gray our floor pro displayed on the floor I chose the darkest. When you love the look of natural wood, red oak is one type of flooring that can hold up well to clear coats because of its color variations. Now when I say stain it green I don't mean green like green paint. aw_amanda all the stains were durseal? May 11, 2015 - Grey stain on red oak floors-looks more modern and lighter to match with color red oak has a cinnamon tone with plenty of red-gold in it. Stained glass, red oak floors and other traditional details give a newly built home in Texas an antique feel that fits right in, Forget those low-end products of old. Every single piece of wood took on a gray hue including the red oak. Something like provincial is my current thought. (Pictured above on the right.) The floors were red oak. Will someone enlighten me as to why those floors are being redone? the stain you have above looks like american walnut or provincial , color below: do NOT use a Minwax stain product. White oak and red oak will look different when the same stains are applied to them. Is there a way to get them to match better or do I just have to deal with the difference .? I don’t see red but I do see zebra stripes and other various animal fur coates. My upstairs floors are gunstock and I like them too. It gave me the courage to try bleaching some red oak trim to match my white oak cabinets. But still the red was still peeking through. I'll attach the picture of the gray stain for you. Re: Make red oak look like white oak Lainate some white oak on top of it..... You might be able to change to colour of the wood slightly, but you can't make red oak look like white oak with a finish any more than you could make me look like Mag Ruffman with a coat of make-up. White or grey cabinets are a good way to balance the red tones in Red Oak hardwood. I want something light and without red, orange or yellow undertones (more brownish/ grayish). do you already have your red oak installed? Once you've inspected your stains after they have moved through all 5 different lighting conditions, you can then tell the the refinisher your choice. I'd love to see more of the final results! It won’t have the orange or red undertones. How to Handle Carpet Stains, Houzz Tour: Color and Light Transform a Brooklyn Townhouse, Bathed in Color: When to Use Red in the Bath, Your Floor: An Introduction to Solid-Plank Wood Floors, Cooking With Color: When to Use Red in the Kitchen, Kitchen of the Week: Red Energizes a Functional White Kitchen, Color Your Home's View With Stained Glass. Cuts the green tint and toned down the grain. It is red oak (clearly you can see that), but I do like the look... it is warm and our house looked a little cold after we remodeled. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It works well if s/he puts down the stain patches on a Friday night. Like a movie star, oak possesses natural good looks. Replace yellow and orange maple floors with honey oak floors, and my answer is still the same. Is that it? I know I will not achieve exactly the same color of the picture in a red oak floor. Both red and white oak are great choices, but if I personally had to choose one over the other, I’d go for white oak (and you’ll see why below). All you get with red oak and light PINK floors. Red oak, on the other hand, is a light wood that, even when aged and sealed, may look closer to a pine color than to other species of oak. The grain and the hardness of the oak make it a bit more pet/kid friendly. I am just in the planning stage of doing ours! I read on different answers on houzz, and came to conclusion that the gray stain was going away and taken over by natural, lighter wood tones. What's the purpose of a big wall of brick? The color choices are as delicious as they sound, A client’s roots in the Netherlands and desire for red countertops drive a unique design, Interiors get an enchanting perspective with stained glass windows, doors and fixtures that dapple the light, Make your home glow with light and color from modern or traditional stained glass, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, Houzz Tour: A New Home Honors a Historic Neighborhood, Out, Darn Spot! En savoir plus. JavaScript is disabled. That said, the walnut is pretty too, though sometimes some stains accentuate the grain more than I like. In this finishing video, I share my recipe to make poplar look like deep red mahogany. Right. Minwax Classic Gray. Updated 2020. ), and 1/2 cup of 40 volume clear hair developer from a Sally’s Beauty Supply, then brushed it on with a chip brush. Oak wood has a porous quality to it, which makes it very absorbent of staining materials. The walls are BM Stonehedge, woodwork is BM Chantilly Lace which brings lots of light into my East facing windows. This is red oak with 2 coats of Bona Nordic Seal (3 coats and it looked blue). White oak has a sweet smelling scent, where red oak does not. White oak (left), red oak (right) Look closely at the picture above, (click on it to enlarge it if you have to), and note the length of the rays in both types of wood. That means you need to see the stain on the floor for roughly 24 hours. Those who say it cannot be done should stay out of the way of the people doing it. Thank you Cancork floors! So....if you want to kill the red you MUST work with a mid-tone floor or DARKER. Looking for advice on a Floor color that quashes the red and coordinates with the brick. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thank you all for your comments. aw_amanda. The reason for this is the continuous nature of red-oak cells vs. the segmentation of white-oak cells. Desperate need of all thoughts on color for these. The floor came out a true brown without the red. Now that you have the stain patches, go ahead and pick the one that is as close as possible to your favourite. Floorplan for kitchen and dinning room dilemma. all the red oak I've messed with was definatly reddish/ pink. I have not even thought about having them resanded ( the whole first floor!!) Anything that is "light" will HIGHLIGHT the red. Gadot12, do you have more pictures of your house and floors? It pulls hints of gray which helps to give it the weathered look. I love gray and have used it in my old apt. In the 20’s up through the late 1950’s, the type of wood installed in a home aligned with the income level, those who could afford White Oak would put it in their homes, others would select Red Oak… We went with a darker floor - 50/50 Ebony & Natural minwax stain. We just bought a mid-century co-op and haven’t moved in yet. If all of the rays are less than 1 … Some of these floors have a dramatic turn under artificial lighting. Then just brush it onto the wood. Sonora Floors Engineered Red Oak in Sable Smooth / … Another way to tell white oak from red oak is the smell. The next step for the floor would be 2 coats of "street shoe". Many paint stores carry it or it can be bought on the internet. One option is to take several pieces of Brazilian Cherry to your local paint shop and a few pieces of oak and try to have some stains mixed to complement the flooring. The floors look a little darker in the photo attached. I don’t like the pattern of the floor and dispise red. I have actually mixed the weathered gray and the darker walnuts. Hope this helps. I’ve heard that using ebony obliterates contrast. Be aware that your inspiration floor will not be achieved. Picture of the results. It's pretty easy to figure out. Natural sealWeather oakNut meg2 classic grey and one country white. What's the reason for it? By Dave Munkittrick. Not sure how to do it, but it is just what I am trying to achieve with red oak floors. Wanted exactly like your picture. Red Oak has plenty of natural "red" in it (pinkish if you must have a definition) when finished in a natural clear coat (the yellow stuff is an oil based finish that turned yellow all by itself). Industrial space and it was left to acknowledge that? We had red oak installed in our kitchen and living room. Darker and browner. left to rightNatural sealWeather oakNut meg2 classic grey and one country white. Increasing in popularity, the brushed wood texture will make new floorboards look like they have been lived on for generations, adding character and a sense of heritage to the floors. If you haven't yet, you might want to search through these dilemmas as there are quite a few floor Pro's that have responded and you may find your answer. A layer of finish is applied and the person goes home. The underlying structure of the wood is completely different and that is what makes it look like white oak. Some of my customers prefer the look of red oak, others white and others couldn’t care less. There have been a lot of dilemmas here asking the same question. Red and white oak today are beautiful, versatile and relatively inexpensive, Know the right solutions and when to use them to prevent stains from pets, soda, chocolate, blood and more, Bright red and robin’s egg blue accents set off white walls and wood floors in this bright New York family home, Rev up your space and flatter all skin tones with bold, beautiful red on bathroom walls, floors and fixtures, Get the Pros and Cons of Oak, Ash, Pine, Maple and Solid Bamboo, Candy Apple Red, Red Licorice and more for your kitchen walls, cabinets or island? I have tried a few sample pieces using the Mohawk wiping stain 545 burnt umber and the red oak of course is a tad oranger then the white when stained. I'd do a medium tone . I think I did that one it was from a new collection. Your flooring professional will hand mix some stains for you. Hi Julie, I love how your floors came out and would love to do the same, You are very welcome! If your floor is going to look blotchy, damaged, or like a wild animal skin, better to not even refinish. That's OK. Choose whichever you PREFER. I like how they're not as shiny as most I've seen. The drawers need to be white oak. Feel free to check out my instagram account to see more picture of the floors @ourhastingshome. Or you need a LOT of bleach. Come join the discussion about shop safety, wood, carpentry, lumber, finishing, tools, machinery, woodworking related topics, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! And they are not quite sure what to do but know they really want to achieve an updated look. You are going to live with this floor for a very, very long time. A first indication of whether a floor is red oak or white oak comes from looking at the ray height in a number of flatsawn (plainsawn) boards (see Photo 1). I'm just posting this to show you the shades. Know your floors. Natural White Oak hardwood floors are one of the best species if you are considering a distressed wood floor. aw_amandawas that with one coat of stain? If you still want to go even lighter, try 3/4 pickled oak and 1/4 classic gray. I am confused but I love the color of the floors. They’ve lightened up some so I like them even more! You can come close...but it will be 2 steps darker than the floors in your photo. You can choose a light off-white color (like Nantucket White) for walls to balance the intensity of … This is … And that’s it. Good Luck! Your professional flooring installer will offer colour patches directly applied to your installed floors. Because red oak has such a close graining pattern, which Brazilian Cherry does not, you might also want to … Because we had to have GRAY walls? They came out a very nice neutral brown with a slight grey tone. 3. I agree, would love to see more photos before I dive into my red oak project. The scent is most noticeable when you make a crosscut and put your nose to it. Red oak will almost always have very short rays, usually between 1/8″ to 1/2″ long, rarely ever more than 3/4″ to 1″ in length. Provential and walnut still have a lot of red if you like that look. It's more alcohol than green so it's just enough to take the red out. The poly is water based, Bona Traffic HD. White Oak has closed pores which makes the stain process a little bit more difficult opposed to Red Oak. Any how the company doesn't offer 1/2" white oak ply bottoms, just red. Once you smell white oak, you won’t forget it. Nothing brings grey to life faster than yellow or orange. Rays are ribbon-shaped collections of cells that radiate from the center of the trunk (pith) toward the bark. Red Oak does some interesting stuff to stains. Which is achievable to some extent. Need help choosing a floor stain for my red oak floors, Red oak floor stain (oil, water based polyurethane or a stain). It's so beautiful, I'm hoping to do the same in our place! What does seem to be in style, though is very dark floors … The two classic gray/ country white looks great. Or are they professionalply refinished? White oak, as compared to red oak, is water tight and is used to make wine and whiskey barrels. We have red oak and I’m glad I didn’t pay my builder for other “fancier” or more “stylish” wood for two main reasons:-I like the look of the grain of the oak-the oak is harder than maple. I'm still struggling with a few issues. On first glance, the grain patterns in red and white oak can look similar. of the same lye as above (be sure to add the lye to the water and not the other way around! Put a drop of the stain on a white piece of paper and smear it around. It extends the "work" time...but it is a great way to get a true sense of your favourite finish. Use short strokes of the brush, ... it will be almost impossible to make them look exactly like oak, as the grains of the two woods are too dissimilar. I’m reupholsering my art deco love seats and chairs and need window treatments. Real floors are the best !! Really. It looks just how you would think,,,,,a brown w/gray tones! If the colour seems to have a bit of green to it you are in the ball park. You can look at a flooring center, but different stains can look a little different depending on the company. See Also White Oak … When I'm done I'll post some pictures here to help people that might have the same dilema. *A red oak versus white oak* pore test shows the white oak pores are plugged with tyloses, or outgrowths, that work to protect the woods from damage. That’s just the nature of wood. You as the HOMEOWNER then watch the stains move through the 5 different lighting conditions of your home (early morning, noon, late afternoon, evening, artificial lighting conditions). Beth H, thank you for your input. May not be a bad idea to also bleach the white oak to reduce the difference even further. The oil based polyurethane will amber over time while water based will not, or not as much. Now you have told me th eproblem ( solvent based finish) I am thinking..... thanks again, Andressa, do you have an update on what you ended up doing? My five fingerblock original 60s red oak wood floors are being stained tomorrow. I want to order the drawers unfinshed notched and bored. A forum community dedicated to professional woodworkers and enthusiasts. I'm in the exact same situation and want those results you first posted about. Unlike a movie star, however, oak is easy to work with—even during finishing. If you like a stain but something still feels off, you can mix it with other stains to get the right look. What hardware to use with Kohler brushed brass kitchen faucet? Grain effects in red oak vs white oak flooring. So nice to have real hardwoods again! Oak cabinets, doors, trim, floors and furnishings with all the same finish. This key difference increases white oak’s resistance to rot and decay. I mixed some White Vinegar and some pieces of Steelwool in a Jar, you will need to let it set in the Jar for at least a day or two. If you want to temper the red tones… try off-white or light grey colors. Twenty years ago when I moved into this house, I had the floors sanded and really wanted them light ( they were a dark walnut and the house was dark enough without that). since 2002. The weathered oak and classic gray look nice with your wall color. Your floors are like denim.

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