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get a fair chance. A Disability Confident Leader will be acting as They have plans to ensure a diverse workplace. This is Me is launched in the North West of England. The UK Government publishes Thriving at Work: an independent review of mental health and employers by Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer. Notwithstanding the need, as argued above, to strengthen these Disability Confident Committed. Disability Confident Leader consists of two additional elements to the assessment process. The scheme has three levels of membership, Leadership As a Disability Confident leader you will be actively helping other employers make the journey to becoming Disability Confident. It marks a wonderful opportunity to celebrate RIDI’s success in the last twelve months to make the world of work a more accessible place for people with disabilities. Building a disability confdent workplace It challenges misconceptions towards disability and employment The strategic benefts What does being DISABIlITy COnfIDEnT mean? This means that they openly value the strengths and talents that employees with disabilities or health conditions bring and recognise that disability is no barrier to success. a Disability Confident Leader. employer. To advance the equitable inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business OUR VISION To create a disability confident Australia as a national peak body. The Disability Confident Scheme aims to help employers make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people. We are pleased to share our best practise, advice, guidance and resources below. We will help you to improve your policies and procedures and begin the planning for your progression to level 2 status • Access to discounted rates for the online Clear Learning Disability Basics course Gaining Level 2 Employer status - Price is a Disability Confident Employer As a Disability Confident Employer we: • have undertaken and successfully completed the Disability Confident self-assessment • are taking all of the core actions to be a Disability Confident employer • are offering at least one activity to … The second is … The Government’s Disability Confident Employer Scheme aims These are: • To interview all applicants with a disability who … Disability Confident Employer Access to 48 insurance – the benefits of insurance & employment in the sector References 56 Further 58 information Scope Chartered 59 Insurance Institute This is an interactive document with hyperlinks throughout. When you’ve signed up you’ll agree to take the following actions: 1. W2 Disability Confident Emma Shepherd, Disability Strategy Lead for Employment, London Borough of Croydon Keywords: W2 Disability Confident – Emma Shepherd, Disability Strategy Lead for Employment, London Borough of Croydon Created Date: 10/2/2019 12:49:52 PM – I was irst introduced to Mike back at the launch of the Government’s Disability Conident Scheme in November 2016, where Purple and KPMG were both recognised as 1 of 13 Disability Conident Leaders. Having completed the online self-assessment, the . In the US, Barclays is awarded the Leading Disability Employer Seal by the National Organization on Disability. The first is an ‘Outside Challenge’- where employers are validated or subject to challenge by one of 4 external groups; such as a Disabled People’s Organisation, for instance. Disability Confident scheme gives access to advice, guidance and quarterly workshops by Disability Confident leaders on themes such as workplace adjustments and mental health. 51e recruitment process and offering work allow people with disabilities to be able to apply for Theme 2 – Keeping and developing your people. LEVEL 3: DISABILITY CONFIDENT LEADER. a Disability Confident employer (as espoused by hard working ¾nonstrating that all employees are treated fairly . 21% of the working age population has a disability, so not tapping into this talent pool means missing out on skilled people who can make valuable contributions to your business. Reviewing this Disability Confident employer self-assessment regularly. As a Disability Confident … Argyll and Bute Council has been recognised as a Disability Confident Employer. How you do this, and at what level, will vary depending on … Disability Confident Employers P More and more employers have a disabililtiy confident culture. Aims for Disability Confident Engage and encourage employers to become … disability confident and improving the prospects of jobseekers who are disabled. It has been developed with support from: disabled people, disability organisations and employers and is designed as a journey, providing employers with free advice, guidance and information. As a Disability Confident Leader, we want to increase employers' knowledge and understanding about recruiting, or retaining, blind or partially sighted people in the workplace. Your business can benefit from being Disability Confident and it’s easier than you think. e/830161/disability-confident-leader-level-3-pack.pdf . It increases understanding and awareness of disabilities, both visible and invisible Helps cater to the needs of clients, customers and diverse communities Providing skills and There are three levels: Disability Confident Committed, Disability Confident Employer and Disability Confident Leader. from our Disability Confident team on how to identify gaps and suggest areas for improvement. Scheduled on an annual basis . Disability Confident is designed to encourage employers to recruit and retain disabled people and people with long-term health conditions. 12 v1 30/09/2019 . Recruiting, managing and developing people with a disability or health The Disability Confident scheme has three levels, so you can achieve the level that’s right for your organisation. The Disability Confident scheme is administered by the Department for Work & Pensions Once you’ve signed up for L:evel 1 you can progress to Level 2, a Disability Confident Employer, by self-assessing your organisation around 2 themes: z Getting the right people for your business They have plans to ensure a diverse workplace. Being Disability Confident is a unique opportunity to lead the way in your community, and you might just discover someone your business can’t do without. The Disability Confident scheme aims to help you successfully employ and retain disabled people and those with health conditions. OUR MISSION To provide expert advice and services on disability to employers, Government representatives and industry bodies Disability Confident Disability Confident is a Government scheme that is designed to help employers recruit and retain disabled people and people with health conditions for their skills and talent. Managers in a disability confident organisation know it is important to their business to employ people with disability. 2.1 The College is a Disability Confident Employer which means that it has made 5 commitments to the recruitment and continued employment of people with disabilities. or strategy going to benefit or have a d characteristics especially people with a disability. Managers in a disability confident organisation know it is important to their business to employ people with disability. The Disability Confident scheme is designed to help employers recruit and retain people with disabilities and long-term conditions. What is the Disability Confident Scheme? View disability-confident-line-managers-guide (1).pdf from MANAGEMENT MISC at The Nazeer Hussain University, Karachi. The Disability Disability and the role of the Board. A disability confident organisation is an organisation that puts policies into practice to ensure people with disability are included. A disability confident organisation is an organisation that puts policies into practice to ensure people with disability are included. Disability Confident’s purpose is to support and encourage employers to attract, recruit, retain and promote disabled people. It is voluntary andhas been developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives. 4 2. The employer must have agreed to take at least one of the following activities. The aims for Disability Confident are to: engage and encourage employers to become more confident so they employ and retain disabled people increase understanding of disability and the benefits of employing or retaining disabled people make a substantial … Extent of employer engagement with Disability Confident The reforms announced thus far to Disability Confident by the government only apply to Disability Confident level 3. Disability Confident Employers are recognised as going the extra mile to make sure disabled people . A disability confident organisation is an organisation that puts policies into practice to ensure people with disability are included. Creating a ‘disability confident’ organisation The Disability Action Plan 2016-2019 is an integral part of the Department’s Diversity Strategy 2013-17 and aims to create a ‘disability confident’ culture that supports inclusion and the removal of workplace barriers experienced by people with disability. Sign up to the 5 commitments below: Find out the why, what and how of employing disabled people at Given Purple’s expertise in the subject of disability and KPMG’s inluence across a vast range of Everyone starts as a . Disability Confident – LEADER disability-confident-employer-pack-level-3 P a g e | 3 2. Being Disability Confident will produce benefit for your business or organisation, for its shareholders or … Disability Confident can also help develop the skills and insight to better tap into the estimated £249 billion of spending power that disabled people and their families can wield. Members can join our Facebook and Linkedin communities, where businesses learn to become more Disability Confident together. 4 1. Disability Confident employers should make it clear in their recruitment material that if a disabled applicant meets the minimum criteria for the job (this is the description of the job as set by the employer) they will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, talent and … business will be registered as a Disability Confident Employer for 3 years. 2 DISABILITY CONFIDENT EMPLOYER . This year’s awards ceremony is the climax of our year. Managers in a disability confident organisation know it is important to their business to employ people with disability. Overview 1.1.

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