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Im so madd ithad a rush ending though. It reminded me of Pride and Prejudice- Asian version. I like the cast! they sooo looked goooood seemed that they are not acting at all during the sweet scenes!oh how i wish they are really couple in real life...ARE THEY????? farah Aug 13 2013 3:40 pm ashnor Sep 26 2017 9:15 am Because of the good actors and actresses. irellor Aug 23 2013 9:15 pm . i hope i will meet you soon .. chennie Jul 22 2012 10:29 pm I’ve looked everywhere, but I cannot seem to find it. In this episode, Ki Joon is sent to the hospital after collapsing. i so love this drama that i watch it over and over and over again! PART 2 ! to watch or not to watch. Congratulations to LIE TO ME Production. r3m Jul 05 2011 5:15 am !...watching it for the fourth time, can't get over from this drama...I also love singing the 4 ost of this movie, I can't believe i've memorized them...."Pouring Rain", "Blue Night in Jeju island", "You are my Love" and most specially "Lovin' Ice Cream" cause it was sung by Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan themselves. I started watching this dram for eun hye. There's a host of other side characters, some of which you're sure will morph into the main evil bad person sooner or later, but that never really happens! PART 2!PART 2!PART 2! i love the chemistry they brought to all the viewers. Add the first question. oh my! . all the salute to you miss scriptwriter you did well... watching this make me cry ,inlove and smile i really love the story plus KJH and YEH really love your chemistry . Got inspired from Ah Jeong's character who is a civil servant. She thinks she's becoming one big failure in life, while everyone else she knows has gone on to bigger and better things. Disaster soon strikes when bees attack the meeting place and the meeting turns into chaos. Lie to Me has a fervent following, and so clearly there's something here that some drama fans passionately latched on to, and you just might be able to find out what that something is. wish that there was season 2 :))) It was so horrible that I had to write this comment here to save the whole world from the misery I went through. If you remember any popular drama-series Full House, My Girl, Goong, (and the list goes on) you will not even be able to remember half of the twists and turns predicted in every episode. hihihhihi :D i will love to see this drama :D, hihihihihihi.. i'm so addicted to korean drama more than our local drama here :D. can i watch this in any website right now? i like the casts. .«▓»__¸.•*´¨`*MY FAIR LADY•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•__.«▓» (The preceding comment has wrong grammar) Sorry. . How I wish someone could cast them as couple in another drama again. more power and god bless. You have a rich guy Hyun Ki Joon (played by Kang Ji Hwan) who runs a hotel chain and an honest, hardworking civil servant, Gong Ah Jung (played by Yoon Eun Hye). So, I know when to expect the new episode to come on. Shes one of korea's best actress of all time! Wow! Renny Sep 30 2011 12:52 am Favorite k-dramas so far: Cheongdam-dong Alice, Boys Over Flowers (There are others, but these are the two that come to my head first). the first time i've watched Kang Ji Hwan... in Save the Last Dance for Me i felt that the guy has such a charisma... and when i've watched Yoon Eun Hye in Princess Hour i began liking her too... this couple is really great! It was strangely awkward and uncomfortable. Hoping for the Pt. isabella valliere Jun 15 2011 10:46 am ───.─(▒)(♥)(▒)─────██▀█─(▒)(♥)(▒) I'm from the US so I'm only able to watch it online. it's so nice and the two lead stars has chemistry!! i love watching the drama and i really love yoon eun hye, she is a great actress! Yoon Eun Hye is so funny! ..... Chiso Jan 18 2016 6:41 am Plase oh please make a part two.I wish i can be by your side all the time but it will never happen so i hope you and yoon eun hye are a good couple, your pefect for each other. Though people may say that predictable ending drama is boring, for me, lie to me absolutely amazing. That honesty is the biggest virtue not just of public officials but of everyone. //

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