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With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human Follow @genius 4.4 / 5 (509) playlist. Finn sings What am I to you (You are my best friends in the world) from the episode, "What Was Missing". "Time Adventure" is a song from the Adventure Time series finale "Come Along With Me". The opening title sequence starts with a view of a post-apocalyptic wasteland that features a rat inside of a broken television and several undetonated nuclear bombs. I know wewe just wanna give your little girl the world But daddy I'm not just your little girl I've got my own life I've got my own plans I hope wewe understand And like the way that I am 'Cause I want your respect And I want to be here The "Journal Song" was a song sung by Marceline in "Marceline's Closet." Adventure Time Intro lyrics Adventure Time. So Finn and Jake Set out to find a new home. Then the rest of the Ice Kingd… We have 1 albums and 53 song lyrics in our database. Top Adventure Time Lyrics Time Adventure Bad Little Boy Song Of Joy All Gummed Up Inside Daddy Love In Its Place Baby Finn Song Bonbon Ballad Good Little Girl Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries. This is the "Time Adventure" song that saved Ooo. Meaning to "Bacon Pancakes" song lyrics (2 meanings) Emily November 27, 2017-13:52 +2. I'm Just Your Problem Lyrics: La da da da da / I'm gonna bury you in the ground / La da da da da / I'm gonna bury you with my sound / I'm gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face / I'm gonna… Artysta: Adventure Time (OST) (Adventure Time with Finn & Jake) Piosenka: Adventure Time Theme Song Z udziałem: Pendleton Ward; Tłumaczenia: esperanto, filipino/tagalski, grecki, hiszpański, portugalski, rosyjski #1, #2, turecki, ukraiński #1 2 more "Billys Song" is the song performed by storyboard artist Adam Muto that plays when Finn and Jake find the sword of their hero, Billy, in the episode "His Hero." Adventure Time SONGS lyrics. The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg " - LYRICS NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS [CDATA[ She wanted to make this song a part of her "most emotional album ever"—so private that she wouldn't let anyone else listen to it. lyrics, adventuretime, jake. Come on grab your friends 4.7 / 5 (12) playlist. Next, in a snow-covered biome, are shown penguins, including Gunter and two other penguins hugging (with a tiny red heart floating above their heads) that make a few quick quacking sounds, and a Snow Golem sitting on a grassy hill nearby. Adventure Time Theme Song Lyrics. Average rating for Adventure Time songs is 8.06/10 [1159 votes]. The tune is very similar to "All Gummed Up Inside," which is sung by Finn, so Jake's claim that it is by Finn is not wholly untrue. Who's cutting onions in here? Adventure Time Theme Lyrics Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Lyrics (Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward) Adventure time, C'mon, grab your friends, We'll go to very distant lands, With Jake the Dog, And Finn the Human, The fun will never end, It's Adventure Time! We'll go to very distant lands Song Lyrics for ALL Adventure Time Songs. He refers to it as his second gift to the princess. It was released on January 18, 2016 and aired on Adventure Time, a show on Cartoon Network by Pendleton Ward. Jake played it with the Fire Guitar. If you really want to see ALL the songs click link. Adventure Time Main Title by Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward & Casey James Basichis (Ft. WILLOW), Simpsons Time (Adventure Time Homage) by The Simpsons, As A Tropical Island / On A Tropical Island, My Best Friends In The World (What Am I To You? Adventure Time Main Title Lyrics: Adventure Time / Come on grab your friends / We'll go to very distant lands / With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human / The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time! Submit Lyrics Adventure Time SONGS lyrics. It was made to be the lead song in a concept album that was based on Marceline's journal. posted by obssesedTDIgirl. Monster [From the Max Original Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Obsidia lyrics Adventure Time feat. Time Adventure Lyrics: Time is an illusion that helps things make sense / So we are always living in the present tense / It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends / … Here's a little house Aw, Finn's sticking his foot in. [Verse 1] Come along with me And the butterflies and bees We can wander through the forest And do so as we please By bmopsychmonk Ongoing - Updated Nov 25, 2015 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. King Princess. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? //

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